Keeping the feeling of your wedding day alive is a process that can require some careful planning. With the option to make photo albums as well as having CDs of footage from the big day, you can relive it again and again. But what about other creative ways of storing your memories? In this article, we will be providing you with some simple ways to keep your memories alive in new and creative ways.

Make A Wedding Album

One of the easiest ways to keep the memories from your big day alive is to keep a wedding album. This can be filled with all of the best images from the big day. Whether this is strictly from the wedding photography or it is a combination of photos from the wedding as well as photos that loved ones have taken, this can help to keep the memory of the big day alive for you to look back on.

Have Your Images Printed

In addition to the wedding album, having your favourite image printed is another way to keep the memory alive. This can be printed out onto a canvas and delivered to your home using a next day art prints service. Whether it is a large piece of canvas artwork or a smaller one for a spare bedroom, this is a great way to relive those moments in life. In addition, this also makes for a great conversation starter with visitors who see the image. These can also be printed in either black and white or colour to suit your own personal preference.

Take As Much Video Footage As Possible

Video footage is sometimes just as important as photos as you can rewatch it as many times as you wish. Whether this is a video of the happy couple walking down the aisle or it is of all the family arriving for the meal, this is an amazing way of seeing parts of the wedding that may well be missed in just photos. This can be done using either the camera or other technology such as a drone and can be placed onto a CD for the happy couple to watch.

Showcase Invites And The Wedding Dress

Holding onto your wedding invite and framing it is another amazing way of making artwork that helps you and your family to remember your big day. This can be kept next to canvas prints or even stored in your room near your wedding dress for you to look back on the future. By having these memories, you can share them with your children and show them the big day that you and your loved one shared. It is these memories that can last a lifetime and can be looked back on again and again.

Whether you are getting married soon or you have been married for many years now, each of these simple solutions can help you to keep the memory alive for years to come. Which of these will you be using?